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Our assignment

Today’s sports world consists of so much more than the exercise itself. Negotiation with clubs and sponsors can take a lot of time and concentration. What we do at EU Football Management is to help you as a player to reach full capacity. It includes counseling in the football career but also the economy in general. We believe in reliability as a key in our profession and that we can always find a solution to problems.



We always help our clients to find the best fitted clubs for their current level of football. It is important that our client can easily choose a club that he believes in but also can put his development to the maximum level.


It is important for players to be associated with the right brands, therefore we always make a analyse in what different brands would be suited for the players and their image.


We provide our costumers with economic advice to ensure their future plans during and after their football career.


In eu management we provide our clients with all the legal help that is needed in order to feel safe about their current contract.